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BBM info 24/7 Customers provides a range of fixed price packages that cater to the geographic reach of your business whether it is just your local area, a capital city or regional hub, a larger region such as a state or county, a particular country, or even the entire world. Best of all, once we start working for you we will not take on another client who operates within the same vertical market or markets as your business – guaranteeing our focus on getting your business alone to the top of organic search in your particular space.

At Targeted Advertising Solutions we understand that you need to make a profit from your promotions. If you don’t achieve the rankings you want, didn’t you just waste all of your money?

What Is Guaranteed In Our SEO Services?

In order to make money from your website you will need to maximise its traffic volume. One of the best and most cost effective ways to do this is by appearing on the first page of organic search results on the major search engines for something we call Money Keywords. Money Keywords are keywords and phrases that have a high monthly search volume on the major search engines and on Google in particular. A good example of a Money Keyword might be “BBM info in India” with a global search volume of over 30 million searches per month. The more a search term is refined the less monthly search volume it is likely to have. To stick with the Web Development example the search term “BBM info in Tamilnadu” has less than 22,000 searches per month, compared to the 30 million plus of “BBM info in India”. The same principle will apply to your business.

Unfortunately, a typical SEO campaign requires you to assume the risk that your website may not make it to the first page. In our experience, this is the #1 cause of customer hesitation. Any smart business owner will find themselves asking “How do I know my money won’t go to waste?” and “Why should I choose Company X over Company Y?”

That is where our Guarantee comes in. We are so confident in our abilities to deliver your 1st page SEO results that we do not ask for a DIME until you get the results we’ve promised. This is a win-win for business owners. You assume no risk, you will continue to see your rankings improve, and you don’t pay anything until the contract is fulfilled. To know more about our SEO packages visit SEO pricing & packages.

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