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BBM info Software Development Life Cycle (BSDLC) is a process of process used by a systems analyst to develop an information system including requirements, analysis, design, implementation, testing, maintainance and Post Implementation.

BBM info 24/7 Customers divide project in different stages and output of each stage becomes the input for another. The stages of BSDLC include requirements gathering and analysis, system designing, development, testing, operations, maintenance and customer support.

The common stages are :

  • Project planning : In this phase our Software development strategy making team establishes a high-level view of the intended project and determines its goals.
  • System analysis : Analyze end-user information needs.
  • Systems design : A sample structure of the entire project is created in this phase and all necessary data are gathered.
  • System Development : Coding of the whole project is done in this phase.
  • Testing : After the generation of codes, testing of all the modules is performed. All modules are integrated together and proper testing tools are selected for error checking.
  • Maintenance : Under the final stage of BSDLC, the developed software is given for changes, correction and additions.
  • Customer Support : Support is a vital component in the BBM info software development life cycle. Most of the projects are getting failed due to the lack of support. Actually a software development is an evolutionary job. It is not like that develop once and forget about it. Because, once if the product is delivered to the client and the client has started using the software, then only the actual performance and the improvements are coming along. Read more...
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