Crowd Funding

Crowd funding projects are becoming extremely popular all over the world. Our team was happy to develop one of the major crowd funding web sites aimed at the Indian market.

As BBM info 24/7 Customers team is already experienced in development of such platforms - we are happy to advise our customers effectively, by drawing their attention to the main objectives and elements of crowd financing web sites as:

  • It must be easy for posting a project on the web site.
  • Entrepreneurs need to have access to the projects at a glance.

Said in other words - clear navigation and intuitive structure and web design are of great importance for the success of such a web site.

Crowd Funding

As design, structure, navigation and functionalities are where we start from - next is content of the web site, which should be elaborated carefully keeping in mind that it will be available for a lots of different people and it should be clear for each visitor.

The rest is our job - programming according the W3C standards, validating the web site for the various web browsers, mobile devices and operational systems.

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